Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 152 EEG

Lydia all wired up trying to fall asleep for her EEG.
Today Bill and I took Lydia in for her EEG.  The traffic was terrible so we were 30 minutes late.  Even though we had left an hour and a half early to get to an appointment less then 20 miles away.  I'm just so glad they accommodated us any way.  They hooked Lydia up with wires on different places on her head and had her try to go to sleep.  Which she didn't ever do.  They put strobe lights in her face and made weird sounds to see if they could get her to have a seizure.  I'm not sure if she had any but from my point of observation she did not.  I asked the technician if she had detected any from the brain waves on the monitor and she told me that I would have to talk to the physician in 5-7 business days.  Not too helpful but I am hoping that we can find out more.

It has been really odd lately I haven't seen Lydia have seizures for a while in fact since she had strep throat and she had antibiotics. I am wondering if there is a connection or what is going on with her.  Or in fact is this a miracle.  I will be contacting the doctor.  I am sure she will think I am a little crazy but ......

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 151 Awards Night

Awarded the presidential award for academic excellence
 Emily received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence, however she wasn't to thrilled about receiving a certificate with the president's signature on it.  It is what it is!  We are so proud of her and all the work she has put into school.  She is looking forward to going to BYU Idaho in the fall.

Emily had the impression that the school was awarding several of the School Districts scholarships and she was hoping to hear that she was awarded one.  So far she hasn't heard from them.  We will keep our fingers crossed and hope that no news means they haven't decided yet.  No scholarships were handed out nor even talked about at this assembly, so Emily went away a little disappointed.
Seniors with a 3.5 GPA or higher for all 4 years of high school

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 150

Back to school and to the normal routine of life.  I should say the normal routine of school life.  In just a few weeks schedules and routines will disappear and a feeling of freedom and exploration will begin.  I love the feeling of shedding the school and home routines and mixing it all up again.  It starts with chaos, and then changes to lazy lazy days along with camps, swimming lessons, youth conference, parks, visits, and hopefully a family vacation, before the girls head off to college.  I hope that somewhere amid the chaos and the lazy I can spend time with the kids making quilts, gardening, exercising, hiking, going to the zoo, and visiting some historical sites and hopefully camping.  I have that spring fever and want school to end.  But for today some of the kids are taking their SOL tests and final tests.  Emily is writing her two final research papers of her high school career.  She is enjoying times with friends.  Austin can't wait to get done with the "worst teacher ever".  We are looking forward to seeing Willy get through Algebra 1 because he is making better choices.  Lydia is learning slowly so possibly another year of first grade will put her at the top of her grade!  All in all we are all looking forward to the lazy lazy days of summer.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 149 Bowling

Our purple clematis bloomed today 

 our pink Asian Lilly bloomed
We had all kinds of ways we thought we would spend the day! First we thought of taking the kids to Lurray Caverns but then decided we didn't want to drive that far and spend that much money.  Then we thought let's go to DC.  Then decided we didn't want to deal with the crowds.  We are happier in the company of less people.  Then came the idea of going on another hike, but it was so hot and humid.  Then the best idea we decided to go bowling.  It was perfect not too many people not very far away and not too expensive.  We had too much fun parcoreing  and bowling ballet.  We laughed and laughed and bowled two games. We all had so much fun!  For an afternoon snack we enjoyed Baskin Robins ice-cream! Great Day!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 148 Sunday

Our Clematis on our light post bloomed 
I am so blessed to have a busy life and be healthy and able.  I am so glad that I have the opportunity to go to church and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.  I love being together on Sunday afternoon and talking as a family about church and about life.  It was so awesome to talk about conversion and other gospel topics.  I learn so much from my kids.  Emily's motto is Do What is Right No Matter What.  I am so impressed by the way she lives by it!
For a fun evening activity we made a fire and roasted marshmallows

We had our own fireside!  We talked roasted marshmallows and got ate by the bugs.  The kids set up the tent and slept outside.  They enjoyed a movie in the tent and talked until late.  I love this type of camping. The kids get what they want and I get what I want a soft bed!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 147 Fun Times!

This morning we enjoyed the wonderful weather and each other.  We took a wonderful walk on the Bull Run Battlefield.  We started our walk by the stone bridge and wondered down the groomed trail to the Carter cemetery.  It was great to have us all together the air was full of laughter, chatting, and humidity.  I raced Lydia   I was happy to see that I can run father and easier than I use to.  I loved holding Lydia's hand.  We enjoyed some bonding time.    I love the simplicity of taking a walk

We enjoyed a cute movie together called the Lorax.  It was at the cheap movie theater and the children hadn't watched it yet.  It was fun spending time together! great way to start the three day weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 146

Friday is my weigh in day at weight watchers.  I think it has been a couple of weeks since I have reported my success at weight loss. Today as I stepped on the scale I thought.  This scale is not going to tell me how I feel today.  It is just a measurement devise that tells me how much I weigh.  It does not tell me what type of person I am.  I am not good or bad because the scale goes up or down.  It is not the determining factor of how I live my life whether I am worthy of love, or how I should feel about myself.  It is simply a measurement devise like a ruler or a measuring tape.  Thus I will use it as such!
Weigh in results
Lost this week 1lb
Total Loss for week 20  41.4 lbs
More than half way to goal!  Next week is my 6 month mark so I will post pictures!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 145 Rain

In general I love a thunder storm.  It's interesting to watch the clouds roll in and feel the temperature cool.  As the darkening skies move in during the evening hours you can predict the on coming storm and anticipate the sheets of water.  The past three nights I have been awakened from deep slumber by claps of thunder so loud that you could feel the vibrations.  The dog goes crazy running and barking, but the children somehow sleep content for the most part. Tonight the rain begins earlier, just as bed time arrives the claps of thunder and streaks of light fill the evening air.  The dog whines and runs from room to room looking for a safe haven.  The air cools and I am thankful for the rain that makes the flowers grow and bloom, and cools the night air, and brings an unique orchestrated sound to Spring

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 144

Printed Emily's graduation announcements today!  I love the pictures Jessy took of her.  They are awesome. It's hard to believe I'll have 2 girls in college!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 143

How in the world will I every help two boys make peace a priority.  I think there has to be a remedy out there somewhere.  I usually can make it somewhat better by keeping them away from each other.  But today I just lost it.  What's worse is that one of Emily's friends was here and one of Willy's friends was here.  I won't get into the details but for the last months It's been impossible for the boys to not bug each other, I'm not really complaining about it.  I'm looking for an answer, a long term solution, or a way that they could see each other in a different light.  I just can't stand the constant bickering.  My only hope is that they will out grow this, I go deaf, or I find a miracle through prayer.  Patience Patience Patience.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 142 Doctor

Bill, Lydia and I went together to visit Dr. Civitello.  Here is Bills update about our visit.  

Lydia Update
Since you’ve expressed some concern Lauril and I wanted to share the results of our visit with National Children’s Hospital regarding Lydia’s seizures.

Lauril had done an excellent job documenting all sorts of details about the seizures and their progression.  Of special benefit were the videos she took, that helped the doctor see the extent and progression of the seizures, and the journal she brought from her visit to the school documenting 23 seizures in a 10 minute period.

There are more tests to conduct including an EEG or two and an MRI to understand what part of her brain is causing the seizures and what the actual cause is.  The good news is that she was able to rule out some really important concerns.  No tumor, no infection and no brain injury, so no surgery.  More tests later on could reveal a need for procedures in the future but all signs point to some form of epilepsy that drugs can help control.  This should help her get back on track with her learning and protect her confidence.

After the EEG next Thursday, Dr. Civitello will probably prescribe a drug to control the seizures.  She said that it is important to know what type of seizures she is having because certain drugs are for certain types of seizures.  

Doctor Civitello was great to listen to our concerns watch the videos I had taken and get a family medical history.  She spent about two hours with us.  We are grateful to have found a great doctor to help us help Lydia.  We know that having the right doctor will help Lydia as she grows because it will be a on going relationship.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 141

Teaching 14 year old in Sunday School can be an intimidating calling, but I think I am going to really like it.  We have a great group of youth in our ward.  I enjoyed getting to know them a little today as we built the gospel using Jenga blocks.  They enjoyed the activity and it got them talking.  I hope that as we learn together and we can feel the spirit and learn something in a new way.  It'll be an awesome experience.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 140

We couldn't pass up a beautiful Saturday without going on a long walk in the woods.  Willy and Austin were busy staining a fence, Emily went to a camp meeting, and Jessy had something else going on, so Lydia, Bill and I went for a hike down at Bull Run regional park.  We hiked for about 2 hours.  Lydia was so enjoyable to be with.  We stopped and sat on a bench and talked for a while.  We listened to the birds and talked about trees and water and her upcoming doctor's appointment.  Lydia was all about enjoying the moment.  I wish I could have the carefree easy going attitude of a seven year old.  No worries about tomorrow only thoughts of today and the moment she was in.  I love watching Bill ans Lydia together there is nothing like seeing a father and a daughter chat and play and hold hands.  It's the look in their eyes that says I love you no matter what and the look of protection as they goof around and look back at each other.  The look says more then words could say between them.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 139 Ticket

Friday, the starter in the car is replaced and it's nice to be a two car family again.  Jessica is excited to drive the van to a facial she has scheduled.  As she crosses Liberia she sees the blue lights go on from the police officer that has been behind her at the light.  I can see the panic that must have came over her face and the thought of I waited for the light to turn green.  What is going on?  She pulls over after getting through the intersection and receives a ticket not for anything she has done but for the negligence of her parents who in the hustle and bustle of life forgot to register the car in a timely manner.  I do remember that we did sit at the computer to register the car but the DMV computer was down temporarily.  I guess after the try we forgot all about it.  Tomorrow morning Bill will be standing in line at the DMV while I run kids  to their various morning activities.  Hopefully we'll remember to pay the ticket before the court date.  Life  full of up downs and unexpected twists turns and tickets.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 138 Walk

The beautiful sounds and smells of spring lured Bill and me out of doors for a walk around old town.  We walked for an hour or so just enjoying the smells of honeysuckle and newly mowed yards.  The cool breezes and colors of the setting sun were calming.  We chatted about dreams about work and about the up coming marriage of a nephew.  Bill is such a wonderful friend to share my feelings with, and about my concerns about the children.  I love to hear about his up coming presentations at work, and I love how he asks me my opinion about them.  He really asks about my ideas because it matters to him, not because he just wants to make small talk.  I'm glad that he listens to me about how I'm trying to find the new me and what I should do with the rest of my life.  It was wonderful to walk and talk like old friends.  It just felt so good to open our hearts to each other it's just been a while since we've been so open.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 137 One Car

We are running on the forth day with only one car.  Somehow I have managed driving kids to and from Seminary and Bill to work.  After school to swim lessons, mutual, pick up Bill from work, grocery shopping and everything else.  Because the van is broken down and the little blue car is a stick it leaves Bill and I the only drivers.  This is nice in some ways like I can't fit everyone in the family in the car thus less fighting,  I get moments of peace while driving because no one wants to ride in the little car.  These break times are precious and sometimes I will leave early just to steal a few more moments of peace.  But there is so much more to do than drive and others need times of solitude.  However, I'll remember to let Bill take the van to work so that I have a fun diversion, driving like a race car driver, changing from gear to gear quickly, grinding, and hopping the car, because keeping in practice is important when you are driving a stick!  We dropped off the van tonight to get fixed tomorrow.  Hopefully it won't be a 1000 dollar repair.

I took Lydia and Austin to the Doctors.  They both have strep throat.  So they are receiving Amoxicilin.  One more day at home and then back to school for them..  Hopefully no one else will get it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 136

Today I had one of those moments that made me realize my child's world does not always revolve around my world. While  sticking a thermometer in Lydia's mouth she says I'm going to school no matter what.  She can hardly move her head off her pillow but she starts crying Mrs. Herring will miss me so I need to go.  I reassure her that her teacher will miss her but she needs to stay home.
 Her temp is 103 and more Tylenol is called for.  Lydia doesn't like medicine so I mix it with koolaid and she finally forces it down.  I think she'll be beat this today if not Doctors tomorrow.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 135 Sick Kids

It all started on Friday when I received as phone call from Lydia's school telling me that Lydia was in the nurses office and had a fever.  I thought it would be over by now but here she is home from another day of school.  Now today we just add Austin to the mix.  Coughing, fever, sleeping!!!  Over and Over again.  I still took Lydia to swimming lessons right or wrong that's what I did.  She was feeling good at the time.  She did awesome at swimming lessons.  But she went to bed after taking Tylenol with a slight fever.  Oops probably no school for them again tomorrow.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 134 Mother's Day

My awesome Mother's Day present, a new mailbox, and all the Day Lilly's
plus all the work it took to plant and put the mailbox in.
 Bill and the kids started the day out beautifully with wonderful omelets and fresh fruit which were very tasty.  After breakfast most of us got ready for church, however Lydia was Ill and Willy wasn't feeling that great so he stayed with her.   We had to take the little blue car so it was good they had to stay home because there was no room for them in the car. The van wouldn't start!  I was released as the councilor in the Primary presidency and put in as the Sunday School teacher over the 14 year-old's ( Willy's class),  This will be a challenge for me, but one I take with a glad heart.  I loved Primary!  Children are wonderful and I will miss working in a presidency.  I have learned so much and am so grateful for the time I have had to work with such a wonderful presidency, teachers, and children.

Bill was so thoughtful and helped the boys put in the mailbox and all the new day Lilly's yesterday so that I could enjoy them today! They hung up the new bird feeder so we could see it out the front windows.  I am looking forward to when the new flowers bloom.  Lydia made some cute cards at school.  Thanks so much for a wonderful Mother's Day
My new bird feeder

The beautiful Callilys in the garden

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 133 Mormon Prom

Emily, Reagan, Shilo, Rachel, 

Brett, Emily, Jason,Reagan, Shilo, Ibrahim, Rachel
Emily saying goodbye to her great Dad
They enjoyed home made pizza and time together here at our home.  Now they are off to prom.  I hope they have a wonderful time.  I'll have Emily write more about it tomorrow!  Love it!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 132 Mary Kay

Today Jessica received her Mary Kay start up package!  She is a new consultant with Mary Kay and is very excited to start her new business.  Everyone come and join her for her debut on Friday the 18th from 6:30- 8:30 at our home.  We would love to see you!  I'm excited for her.  Mary Kay is great!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 131 Tests

Emily Senior Picture 2012
This week has been filled with stress for Emily Ward.  She has studied and studied and studied.  She has taken three AP tests, one in Spanish, one in Environmental Science, and one in English.  Each day as she has finished one test she felt confident in having a done a good job!  Her Spanish one included listening to a paragraph or a conversation, then listing to a question and responding in Spanish into a tape recorder.  She also had to write a short essay.  This test worried her the most but when she came home she felt confident that she had understood and spoke the best she knew how.  She was Smiling so I know she did her best and that is what matters most! She only has four weeks left of school.  She graduates on June 11th.  Now that she is done with these big tests, she only has a couple of finals left.  She feels the home stretch is here!!  Great job Emily!
Emily  2008 Fall.  She sure has changed!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 130

Last night the Willy, Austin Emily and Bill went to the youth baptism at the temple.  When they returned from the temple they told me they were doing American Indian names for confirmations.  They had a hard time making it through some of the names because they hit the funny bone.  Bill even had a hard time not laughing about the name Scott Stinkin Bear.  I can see how this might hit the funny bone of teenage boys, well I guess even big boys.  Another name Willy thought was clever was Samuel Surrounded.  I like the names they describe  a people that were creative, descriptive and observant.  I Love that they had a wonderful time at the temple.  They felt the spirit and gave service to ancestors from this great country

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 129 Fish

Clair and Lydia ready for swim lessons.
It swim lesson time again!  It's so fun to be able to swim with a friend.  They are both at the same level in swimming so they are in the same class!  They are working on breathing and moving in the water!  Thanks so much Kelly for making this work out for the girls!  They will soon be swimming like fish!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 128 Blooming Flowers

These beautiful star clematis are growing at the back of our house
I just wanted to share some of the flowers that are blooming around our home!  The kids love to point out the new blooms to me as they come into the house after school.  I am grateful for the smiles the Lord shares with us through Flowers.

New blooms of Asian Lillys, red, purple and orange
 in our front flower beds

Unique Callalillies growing in a barrel we have yellow and white
Purple Salvia nd white Shasta Daisies
add color to the front beds

Fox gloves are a great addition to the front!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

127 lost tooth

Lydia lost her front tooth today!  so cute!  She has two more loose teeth, the other top front tooth and her lower right tooth!  It's fun to see how excited she gets about the tooth fairy.  I hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget or doesn't get caught by this totally awesome seven year old!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 126 Food

I love having pancakes for breakfast!  It's crazy Jessy made pancakes for breakfast.  I love the smell of maple syrup and melted butter and that thin white perfectly cooked pancakes.  But I don't just love one I love 5 or 6, and today I was not going to fall into the pancake trap so I ate special K cereal instead  and the rest of the family who were home ate them.  I give myself one big pat on the back.  Maybe next time I can have the courage to eat only one.

The morning started with great food and the evening ended with great food.  We went to a little, no huge BBQ feast at Dave and Tina's where there was a spread like I had never seen before steak, chicken, big burgers, salads, fruit, and desserts like I had never seen the likes of!  There were a lot of people and the kids had a great time.  I enjoyed the food and the company very much!   It was awesome to get to know some people we had never met before.  I think it's interesting to listen to conversations and join in.  It was such a diverse group with small children teenagers young adults and adults.  Thanks so much Tina and Dave!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 125 Prom

Hi guys, This is Emily Ward.  I thought I would tell you about my Senior Prom.

First of all let me give you all a cliff hanger and say that my date and I were nominated for Prom Queen and King by all of my friends.  (Ill let you know the answer at the end)

This was my first school prom EVER!  The theme for the night was Ocean Oasis.  The decorations consisted of blue balloons.  

It was a great night.  I went with my boyfriend Jason and we were part of a group of 14.  We took pictures at the Hylton Preforming Arts Center at George Mason University.  Afterwards we went to Columbus Grill for dinner.  They serve excellent food!!!! I had lemon basil chicken pasta, while many others had variation of seafood.  Very TASTY!! I was able to eat my entire dish while my date, a high school football captain, could not finish his.    Hehehe!

The dance was great.  My date looked adorable!!! 
Everyone was all fancied up, and despite the fact that very few dresses were modest, the evening was quite fun.  
All of the beautiful Ladies!

Near the end of the night the DJ called all the nominees to the center of the floor.  After forcing my way through the crowd, because no one knew who I was, I made it to the center of the floor.  My heart had never beaten so fast and my legs have never shaken so much!  Unfortunately, but fortunately as well, we did not win Prom King and Queen.  After the king and queen were announced the dance floor cleared up and the last few dances were a blast with all the room that we wanted to dance.  It was an Awesome night!!!   

For my first prom ever, it was a pretty amazing night, Thanks to a wonderful guy and a bunch of wonderful friends!  


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 124 Mary Kay Party

Hey Kaitlyn check out the mascara!

 Emily wanted to have friends over for facials before Prom, so today, the day before prom, we had a Mary Kay party.  Aseneth was so much fun with the girls.  It brought back memories of doing Mary Kay, but what I like most it brought back Mary Kay products into my life.  I love the feel of my hands after doing satin hands.  They are so soft and smooth.  I love the feel of my face after using the Time wise cleanser and the moisturizer.  The girls loved trying out the eye makeup and bronzer.  It was so much fun I am going to have to get some friends together to have a Mary Kay party!  Aseneth is an awesome consultant!  Thanks so much to Kaitlyn, Reagan, Shilo, Jessica and Emily, for coming and having the party!
Aseneth the awesome Mary Kay consultant
Kaitlyn awesome eyes
Love Reagan!   She looks great !  

Shilo she looks great!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 123 Band Concert

Austin is our Trumpet player and today we saw him play in his last concert of the year.  It was the All City Band concert and it started with the 5 grade band, then the 6th grade band, the middle school band, and then the high school band.  The concert wouldn't have been complete without the high school drum line.  They were excellent!  Then the closing number with all the bands playing a number together "We will Rock You"  It's a fun format to see all the bands play in progression and see that they all started somewhere and as they practice they sound very good.  It was great to see Austin play.  He doesn't really want to continue next year in middle school, but we will see.  It was a fun evening we finished it with a trip to Wendys for frostys.  The kids thought that was a great treat!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 122 Procrastination

 Today Willy finished writing his paper on the community service he did for his social studies class.  It was a few weeks ago that he completed the service part.  He mowed and trimmed Sister Hickman's yard and then he worked at the Baldwin School beautification day.  He really enjoyed the outdoor work, but waited until today, the day before the assignment was due to complete the written portion of the work.  Willy is a true procrastinator when it comes to something he doesn't like to do.  Willy makes me a little crazy because I cannot figure out how to help him not do this.   I hope that he will learn this important lesson as he enters high school.  Because of his poor choice of waiting until the last minute he missed mutual again.  I wasn't going to let him stay up until midnight to finish because I didn't want to stay up.  He did finish and the project was done completely.  Willy is an awesome kid with so much potential and skill.  I am grateful for Willy!  He makes me laugh and smile.  I know that as he grows up he will understand and learn from the experiences he has had especially in the area of procrastination.