Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ward Wonderings

I think that I will just ramble for a few minutes about life and what has been going on in the Ward house. The kids all finished school strong. With mostly A's and B's and a couple of C's. It was great to see the growth that comes with each passing school year.

Our first week of summer vacation was very eventful. Emily went to girls camp. She had the opportunity to be a youth camp leader this year so beginning in January she has been preparing for this week. She had so many things to bring it was amazing it didn't just take one car for her. The theme for camp was BELIEVE, and was centered around Christ beginning with his birth. So Christmas lights and decorations. She loved all of camp, she was so totally exhausted when she came home but so enjoyed the hard work and fun of leading a group of first years.

Along with girls camp Austin and Bill attended 11 year old encampment. Austin learned all about orienteering, lashing and cooking. Bill had a fun time with Bother Gregory helping the boys and keeping them focused. Bill learned a few things about his son Austin and gained a deeper understanding and love for Austin. They both came home happy and couldn't stop talking about all the things they did.

Lydia and Austin also had swimming lessons Monday- Thursday at 8:30 am. I watched Austin swim across and back several times. He has a good strong crawl and back stroke. He says he can't do sports, but I think that swimming is really his sport. Lydia is learning the swim strokes and has a way to go before she has them down, but she is improving everyday!

For me this week has been a little stressful. We started out the week with 3 shirt orders plus meetings and home teaching and I wasn't sure if I could pull it off. Well, I did learn it doesn't help to stress or have anxiety attacks over it. But I did work hard making screens and begging and pleading Willy to help me print. With a few late nights we were able to pull it off and complete the orders!!!

On Tuesday we were invited to visit with the our Stake President. I always get this weird feeling inside when this happens we try to figure out why or what calling could it possibly be. It's just interesting that as you ponder that the answer comes quietly, not exactly what the calling is but the peace enters your heart and you know that Lord has prepared you over a life time for whatever service He will ask you to preform. Bill was sustained on Sunday to be the second councilor in the bishopric. Unfortunately that will mean no more seminary at our home and Bill wanted so much to teach the Old Testament, but he loves to serve in whatever calling he is asked. I know the Lord will sustain and help him as he works in the bishopric, and He will help me at home and with my calling. I pray for His guidance as we all try to do the Lords work.

Bill and I enjoyed talking to our parents this week. We are so excited to have Bill's parents come and visit at the end of July!!! I can't wait! I hope to get the family room painted and office cleaned out. Loved hearing my mom's voice and hearing how everyone is doing in Idaho.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Graduation Gift

For Graduation

For Graduation we wanted to give you a car,

but instead we give you the opportunity to earn one yourself.

For Graduation we wanted to give you a camera,

But instead we give you a view into your life how it has been,

and an opportunity to capture your life's dreams.

For Graduation we wanted to give you a big party,

But instead we made memories together as a family.

For Graduation we wanted to send you on a trip,

But instead we are sending you away for more education,

a journey that will never end.

So for Graduation we give the memories, the lessons, the advice, and the help

of proud parents, who see that the future is the gift.

With Love, Mom and Dad

Monday, June 13, 2011

Jessy the Graduate!

Well, I have dedicated many of the last blog post to Jessica and her graduation activities, today is the day, the accumualtion of the past 13 years of education, the rite of passage into adulthood. She has meet the requirements to move on and move out, out into the world to be on her own.

The evening weather was beautiful, a cool breeze blowing, a temprature in the low eighties, no humidity. I don't think there could have been a more beautiful evening. We arrived early to Jiffy Lube Live, an outdoor ampitheater not the place you get a lube job for your car. We had a little picnic dinner in the parking lot and then Jessica went to find out where she needed to be. Once we were inside we enjoyed listening to some solos by some of the seniors. As you can imagine it took a while for a group of over 400 seniors to walk into the seating area. We watched intently to find Jessy walk in. The speakers were great short and to the point. I enjoyed the Salutatorian's words and she's been a friend of Jessica's. She asked the question if your life was compared to the 3 minutes she had to talk what would it be about? Would it be funny, or serious, or full of advice, or action? The handing out of diplomas was very efficient, but it does take a long while to to get to W's in the alphabet but it was fun to clap for everyone. I loved the people watching seeing the sunset and felt proud of Jessica as she crossed the stage into a new part of her life!! Onward to BYU I and into adulthood. New friends, new goliaths to conquer, and onto more happiness and joy! Thanks Jess for being so good and someone we are so proud of.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seminary Graduation

Wow she made it through four years of early morning seminary, 5:45 am each school day with only one absence in the 4 years. You go girl!!!!! Jessy never ceases to amaze me! She loves the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has read his words and knows what is expected of her! Graduating from seminary shows the dedication she has to learning His words. She was blessed to have learned the Old Testament from Brother and Sister Hansen. She has also learned the Book Of Mormon, New Testament and Church History, Doctrine Covenants from her father who has been a seminary teacher for the past three years. It has been so great to see Bill have the opportunity to teach and impart his testimony to his daughters in seminary. What a blessing. Jessica will always know that her father has a testimony because he has woke up each morning and taught her the gospel and has born his testimony daily to her and others. What a blessing!!!

The happiness that radiates from Jessica is because she knows who she is and where she is going. I receive so much strength from her. Since she was little she has always been the leader in our home, helpful and kind. She is a light in a dark world because each day she turns to the Giver of light.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Baccalaureate service is a great way for seniors to hear advice about living with Christ or christian views attached. Sadly there were not too many seniors or families that attended the service. I did like the story from the preacher about David and Goliath. There will be many Goliaths in life and you must face them. You must volunteer, you must be yourself, and you must know that the Lord is on your side and that he will help you conquer your Goliaths. It was great to hear his enthusiasm for the topic. It is a great message for those going out into the world and also for all of us. It was a nice service. I'm so glad that the officers of the class sponsered this, however it's so sad that the school could have no affiliation with the service.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Senior Open House

Jessica finishes her final touches on her poster board. Emily, Willy, Austin, Lydia, Mom and Dad finish the last of the fruit skewers and then off to the Burdicks home for a fun evening of celebration and honor for the high school seniors. It's a ward tradition that the seniors have an open house at one of the seniors home to give ward members an opportunity to congratulate them. This year there are 3 seniors in our ward Scott Burdick, Mary Reniker, and Jessica Ward. Each senior makes a poster of pictures and happenings in their lives. Jessica did a great job putting it together. At times like this I wish that we lived closer to family because I can't capture all of the pictures of events that she used on her poster. I just think that sharing it with you all would have been so great! She had pictures of family reunions and cousins and grandparents and great grandparents, family birthday parties and more. We did have a great time, and so many ward members supported the event. Sister Beatty and Hobbs kept the home made scones cooking. There were certainly a house full of guests! Thanks to all who helped or attended the event. We were touched by the thoughtfulness of our ward family.

Friday, June 3, 2011

On Ward, One Step at a Time

So it has been very busy around here with graduation around the corner, summer, and all the camps and activities the kids are involved in, and me with lack of motivation to keep every thing done.
It seems as if everything is falling apart around the house and I am trying to keep my head above water. Let's see on Wednesday I put the first of 5 loads in the washing machine and shut the lid and the washer started just fine. Then opened the lid one more time to put in a sock shut the lid and no more sound of the swishing clothes. Oh boy what is a girl to do without a washing machine? When Bill came home he took a look at the machine and thinks it's the switch so he orders the part which will take 5 days to get here. We are hoping this will solve the problem. If not I guess it will be time for a new washer. A while back it was the dryer what a string of having to replace appliances. So off to the Laundry mat to wash the clothes. I was surprised that to only wash 4 loads it cost almost 10$. So of course I brought them home to dry in my own dryer.

Also we lost shingles on the back of our house and it looks like we are in need of a new roof. With all this rain I am hoping that is all we are in need of. These are the things that are urgent. We do have carpet that needs replaced and the wood that goes under the carpeting replaced. Also I know we are trying to get a daughter off to college. Bill reminds me one thing at a time.

We had two shirt orders we had to get out this week and We had problems with the film on the screens getting exposed by a ghost that wouldn't admit to turning on the lights in the dark room. It just seemed that neither of these orders were going to get finished. We ordered the shirts to be delivered and we had to change the order to be picked up it just seemed that we couldn't get it together. But it was amazing the last part the printing went smoother and better than it had ever gone before. We keep tossing around the idea of not making shirts as a business and then something comes around and you think I really can use that money and it is a great side business that is creatively full filling. The orders did get finished and all else went smoothly.
However I tend to get ahead of myself and try to jam everything into one day. With that feeling I tend to get a feeling of being overwhelmed. Then all I want to do is forget everything, right when I need to concentrate on the most important urgent things. It's like shut down occurs at the most stressful time and I just want to curl up in ball and wait until it passes by. I usually make it through if I make a list so I can find the starting point. It's the sorting of which is most important that's hard but once I can get the to do's on a list I can do them it's when they are jumbled that it sends me for a nose dive.
So for right now It's one day at a time. No it's one action item at a time. Plus trying to get as much family time in as possible. I can do hard things just not all at once. I try to smile and keep going. The first step is the hardest and it get easier the more steps I take.