Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 60 Brown Piles Be Gone

Those Dog days, when you look in the living room and see these little piles of brown stuff and you gag as you clean them up. I cleaned them up knowing that when I got home from the bus stop I'd be back cleaning more. I guess you could say I was pretty angry and made the dog stay in the sun room until this afternoon when I could finally get her a bath. Well It didn't feel right getting her a bath before I gave her a hair cut. Afterwards I cleaned the entire bathroom which needed to be done too. Well the dog, Roxie, and the bathroom, looks and smells better. What a pain , but clean is good!

Day 59 Pine Wood Derby

Wow we made it through pine wood derby! Bill was a Judge again this year which he loves to do!
I played with the little kids! And all went great! Thanks to an awesome cub scout committee, great parents and fun cub scouts!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58 Crazy Moments

The way most week days end are with an argument over who is going to make lunches. But today making lunches turned into major laughing. I'm not sure why but sandwiches with miracle whip and ham were silly. It was nice after an eventful day to hear laughter!
I had a few crazy moments.
  1. I sat in the hot tub after my water class. ( It's kind of hard to get into)
  2. My friend Pam gave me a pearl necklace and I wore it shopping.
  3. I locked my keys in the car and Bill rescued me at Costco.
  4. I started running (not very fast and not very far) but I did start and I will get better.

Bill gave a great FHE on the new social media the church has and how we can contribute to it. We watched some videos that made us cry. It was awesome!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57 Stake Conference

It was so nice to sit with Bill in church I think that stake conference should happen more frequently. I think that there may be a few sisters that agree with me, but more families that think that conference happens often enough. We had a satellite broadcast from Salt Lake City to 11 stakes in the eastern area. It was awesome to hear an apostle and the presiding bishop speak. It was awesome to think of how many saints heard and felt the spirit as Elder Scott testified of the roles of women and how important their role is in the Lord's kingdom. Our stake center was packed and two other ward buildings were used. Then times that by 11 other stakes just amazing.
This evening we went to the baptism of two of our primary boys who just turned eight.I taught these boys when they were 5. It's fun to watch how children change and develop. What a blessing to be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 56 part two-- How close can you be and still miss it?

This image shows just how close Willy and Bill came to the actual shelter and the soft comfy camping grass. The red dot is the shelter and the three cars on the right are in the parking lot they slept in. They didn't realize at the time but they were about 800 feet from West Virginia. If they had they'd have made that hike, my crazy men...