Sunday, February 10, 2008

Austin's Performance

Austin is in the second grade and had a patreotic singing performances which was very cute they sang/said:
  • Star Spangeled Banner
  • My Country Tis of Thee
  • Pledge of Alegeince
  • This Land is Your Land
We made funny faces during the prefomance.
Jessica Ward

Barry and Julie's Family

Barry's Family came over on friday at about eleven o'clockat night and we dinked around by playing on the Wii and on on our Wii we played DDRHP (dance dance revolution hottest party).

On Saturday went to our BBall game and went to olde town of Manassas.

Sunday we went to Arlington cemetary where we saw the changing of the guard and the eternal flame of John F. kennedy in the cemetaryand saw the Iwo jima monument.
CLick to see changing of the guard

JesSICa WarD

The Girls Basketball game

Jessica (me) and Emily had a church basketball game and we had a lot of good effort but last badly 13 to 30(aganist Manassas 2nd). I was a forward and Emily was a guard. This our first season of playing BBall but this was our second we also lost 14 to 41 (against the Centerville 2nd Ward)the first game and we've had no practices in between. But BBall is still very fun and calorie burning.
JeSsIcA WaRd