Thursday, November 29, 2012

Austin's Birthday

I think of all my children I have learned the most from Austin.  He has helped me grow and learn lessons I never dreamed I would have to learn.  Because of how much work he has had to do to make small accomplishments his victories are that much more sweet.  I have come to realize that as he was small we fought and struggled with so many things but now you see him at almost 6 feet tall on honor roll, and happy. You would never know of all the small victories he has had in order for him to stand as the 13 year old you see today. Today I celebrate his 13 victories one for each year.

  1. Austin can hear and see.  He spent his first 3 years of life hearing as if he was always underwater.  He wore glasses to correct his sight in kindergarten.  I am grateful for preschool screenings that helped us help him.
  2. Austin can speak!  Now you would never know the hours spent in speech therapy. 
  3. Austin can read.   Through all the meetings with teachers and education specialist Austin's progress has been great.  He has been on the honor roll in middle school and reads above the reading level for his grade.
  4. Austin can feel and share love.  As a small child Austin was angry and hated about everyone, now you see him with a smile on his face and many friends.
  5. Austin has a wonderful sense of humor.  I love when 7 years old get into knock knock jokes and they just keep repeating them over and over again.  Austin did that forever but now has moved on and has developed a keen way with word meanings that makes you say that was funny.
  6. Austin likes to wear jeans.  After years of only wearing pants with elastic waist he will now wear jeans. Its much easier to find jeans that fit.
  7. Austin likes to cook.  He is a good cook with simple and not so simple foods.  This includes complete dinners not just cookies.
  8. Austin likes to do his priesthood duties by passing the sacrament and helping the widows.
  9. Austin is great at tech things.   Whenever I can't figure out something about our new car or the computer I just ask Austin he already knows the answer and he shows me how its done.
  10. Austin is a hard worker.  He sticks to doing the dishes even if it takes him an hour.
  11. Austin stands up for what he thinks is right!
  12. Austin is helpful.  He likes to help Lydia and Willy
  13. Austin made it to 13 without being killed of maimed by his brother because at times they get along very well.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Clothing Drive

Today at church we were asked to collect up items to send to New York for those affected by the storm.  Monday our house, because of the central location, became the collection site of the items for our ward.  We gathered up coats and sleeping bags and hoodies and anything warm we could find around our home.  It's a good feeling to do something to send something to help others experiencing devastation.  It was heart warming to see the giving, the desire to help from the members in our ward.  One sister told Willy of how she went to the second hand shops and bought the coats, took them home washed them and then donated them.  Another donated the coat right off her back.  The donations of gift cards and clothes were more than the transportation that had been arranged.  So Willy called around and found someone to take the second car load of stuff to Oakton to be distributed in New York.    I hope all the things that were given will be used  by those that need them.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Road Construction

The Kids went back to school today and the city of Manassas is getting back to normal
Today they began road refinishing on our street.  The electricity is on for almost every one in the 
area.  As I hear more and see more on the news about the devastation north of us I feel blessed
But concerned for others effected by this storm. 

The repaving of our front road begins 2 days after Hurricane Sandy
passes.  The black top is being removed. 

The big trucks move in and spend the day, taking the neighborhood
from silent to loud for an entire day.

I don't know what this machine is called but it is huge.
It grinds op the blacktop and puts it into a dump truck.
On Friday they paved the road.  It was cool to see the
steam rise off the road.  It's crazy to see how many people it takes
to pave the road.