Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Willy's Christmas Quilt
Austin's Christmas Quilt
Lydia's Christmas Quilt
 I think this Christmas was the first one that found Bill and me wide awake at 6:30 am and all the children asleep in their beds.  We had the strange opportunity to awaken the children from rest.  With eyes not so bright but without a complaint we went to the living room to see what did await.
 There were three new quilts made by mother's two hands.  Two levi quilts, one each for Austin and Willy.  A butterfly quilt done in bright green, blues, and oranges for Lydia.
The smiles on each face as the gifts we open let us know that they loved what was given and received.
We enjoyed talking to Jessica and Emily who were spending time with grandma and grandpa Harrison in Burley.  I missed getting a picture of the quilt I made Emily and the afghan I crochet Jessica.  I am happy that they received at least one of the boxes I sent.

 We had a wonderful Christmas day!  The gifts were delightful thoughtful and kind.  The food was delicious Ham, sweet potatoes and pie. The best part was family both near and far!  We are thankful for a wonderful day to celebrate the birth of Christ!

Smelling good was a theme with the men.
 All different types of Axe they received

Lydia loved her princess barbies, Cinderella, Belle and Ariel.

Austin was happy with his super Mario game.  

Willy loved the hat Austin gave him.  He wore it all day!