Friday, November 9, 2007

November in Virginia

We have been very busy these last few months. We've been involved in our callings and service projects. We had to replace our main water line from the street because it had a hole in the line. Of the three bids we had we saved $2100 by going with a guy from church. There was a delay to get the job done but it worked out ok. Then just 1 week after that fix we had to replace our water heater. It had leaked out into the basement but only destroyed a bag of pinto beans. Luckily it was covered by the home warranty we bought.

Two weeks ago we went to the Marine Corp Museum in Quantico Virginia. We didn't leave enough time to explore the whole thing so we'll have to go back to get another look at it.

This last Saturday we drove along skyline drive which is THE road to travel to see the Autumn colors. We brought a football with us and had a great day.

Here are a few pictures.