Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Memorial Day Trip

It has been many days since we posted. We've had trouble with our internet and some other issues. For memorial day we went to DC to show the kids the monuments. Since it was also Rolling Thunder Weekend, where thousands of Motorcyclists were in DC it was pretty crowded. We saw the Roosevelt, the Jefferson, Mason, Washington and Lincoln memorials. We also saw the WWII and Korean War monuments. Its about a 5 mile walk all around and the day was muggy. The kids did great even though we weren't able to find them snack foods like we tried to arrange. Emily was our photographer that day so we got a different perspective on that day.

June 2 we went to a train festival in our hometown of manassas which was very cool. There were many different kinds of model trains including several sets made of Legos and one even had a live fish aquarium...

It was also a warm day but there were street vendors at the farmer's market and lots of fund raising food sellers. The boy scouts sold cotton candy and snow cones so we got a few of those. We also had a nice drive but the kids get bored of that pretty fast. We're getting our plans together now for our vacation ideas. Jessica had a friend and her family from school come over and they said Virginia Beach is a nice place to visit for camping. We'll probably try that but it is a couple of hours drive. Its pretty close to Richmond I think which is the capital of the confederacy. There are some nice museums there and NASCAR is pretty close too.