Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hike #1

Hiking on the 31st of December was a great change of pace! It was a comfortable temperature. We started with jackets but took them off as we walked the Bluebell trail in the Bull Run Regional park. The trail was a bit muddy but we were able to dodge the the water puddles. We hiked 2.7 miles and 1.3 hours. Bill, Lauril Emily, Willy, Austin, and Lydia enjoyed being together chatting and snapping photos.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Christmas began with a wonderful Christmas program for sacrament meeting. I loved the music and the the readings from the speakers. The message of gratefulness from the Bishop really put the spirit of giving into perspective. It has been wonderful to be able to give and share and see and feel the and understand the gifts the Savior gave to us!
After church we changed back into our pajamas and skyped Jessica so that we could all be together for Christmas. It was awesome to see Jessy and talk with her. We missed her so much. We are grateful that she was with grandparents and cousins during the Christmas season. Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa Ward!

We themed this Christmas around Scouts and fitness. The boys got their backpacks along with Bill so that they could all hike together. Emily received some running gear and a magazine subscription to women running. Lydia got a new bike to learn to ride, and a computer we received for twenty dollars. I received the gift of a membership to the freedom center and weight watchers. I guess you know what we will be working on this next year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ginger Bread Houses

We had so much fun making ginger bread houses with a few families! We had a nice neighborhood once everyone completed their house! This activity is one we will do again next year! Thanks to Kerstie for letting us use her house!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Leaves Leaves and More Leaves

In early November I caught Lydia, Willy and Roxie playing in the leaves supposedly raking and cleaning up for winter!  What a delightful sight!  I couldn't help getting the camera out and joining in the fun

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas letter

Dear Family and Friends,
I just wanted to share with you numerous events that happened this year!

3 days Bill and Lauril spent together in Adamstown Pennsylvania celebrating our 21st wedding Anniversary. Loved the Amish buggy ride and Intercourse Pennsylvania.

114 days of adventure at BYUI. Jessy loves the life of a college student. She is majoring in Chemistry. Loves her roommates and her Independence. She Loves photography!

10 days of visiting Idaho. Lauril had a wonderful time taking Jessy to college and visiting with family. Bill had the adventure of helping the children through the first week of school.

6 The number of times Bill will conduct Sacrament Meeting this year. Bill is the second councilor in the Bishopric and wonders if he can conduct electricity.

180 The number of nights Emily will stay up late doing homework! Emily is a great student with 3.75 GPA. She won't quit until the homework is done. Even though senioritis has set in and she has early morning seminary.

134 school days left in the school year! Emily graduates and moves on to college. She has her heart set on Architecture as a major. But the university is still undetermined. Loves the idea of Virginia Tech.

6+1= Six calls and 1 parent teacher conference for Willy from one math teacher. Just saying ..... Talk Talk Talk!

18 gallons of paint to paint the kitchen, family room, and four bedrooms. Love the way they look!

3 The number of times Austin will pass the sacrament this year. Austin turned twelve and received the Aaronic Priesthood. We are so proud of Austin and his determination to keep the commandments and read the scriptures.

133 Books Lydia has read since the beginning of the school year! Lydia is a great reader and won't go to bed until she has read. First grade is so much fun and reading is the best!

19 The number of nights Willy, Austin or Emily were gone over night on a church camp. The kids have had their eyes opened with the adventures of camping. Their testimonies have been strengthened and their lives have been enriched by new experiences and great leaders.

14 Years old Willy can now go to dances and youth conference! Willy is now six feet tall, handsome and funny. He played Joseph in our ward Christmas program. Willy stands up for what is right and is glad to be a teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood.

1st Time to see the Hill Comorrah Pageant and the Sacred Grove. We loved meeting grandma and grandpa Ward and going together to see these wonderful church history sites where we felt the spirit confirm again of the visitation of the Father and the Son to Joseph Smith.

We are grateful for the happenings of 2011! We have been blessed with new experiences and wonderful people. May 2012 treat you and yours with adventure and love.
Love the Bill and Lauril Ward Family

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Decorations

The fire light glistens off of the red and green balls! The tiny lights glow through the delicate beaded ornaments and the children reach to find the empty green bough. The cheery songs of Christmas hang in the air! Each wreath finds it place on the wall and each ornament with it's memory is chatted about and hung on the tree! The lights sparkle and the decorations from Christmases past find their place throughout the house!
It's so fun to see the Kids decorate the trees! Memories are talked about and all is peaceful and calm. They all get along so well and the family moment fills my soul with a new memory of joy and peace. For the first time we will be missing one of our children Jessy who is spending Christmas with grandma and grandpa Ward. We are sad that she is not here but are happy that she has family to be with this Christmas! We love you Jessy

I just love this time of year! All the lights and colors! The music, the family time, the feelings and most of all the reminders of Jesus, his birth, his life and his sacrifice.