Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Flowers in Bloom

Clematis is back in bloom after a hot summer

I love this vibrant pink with the yellow center

The giant mums are about to burst!
The cooler weather has made for a showing of new blooms in our flower beds.  They are so beautiful.  The grasses are adding their seed pods and the air is crisp in the morning.  In the next couple of weeks the leaves will be in their fall glory and I can't wait.  Next week being general conference weekend, we may have time in the morning to drive into the hills and see the beautiful fall colors. I'm looking forward to conference and some family time!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fat Pants to Quilting Squares

This past week I took out all the old jeans that I have out grown,  no not outgrown, became to skinny for and made a decision, to never ever be able to fit into them again.  I took all those old jeans and cut them into 8x8 squares to that I could make two quilts, one for Willy and one for Austin for Christmas.  I cut until my finger and hands were so sore.  There are 240 squares and pile is higher than my iron.  The majority of these squares came from my pants starting at size 22 all the way through to size 16  and through many years.  I remember cutting up, at least one pair that was ten years old.  I guess I am kind of a keeper of unimportant things.  Austin donated a few of his pants that have become too short and I even had a friend that donate some of her pants that she got too skinny for.   Now I'm going to cut 240 squares of fleece to make the back   They are going to be these super cool rag quilts.  This Christmas has a home made feel to it!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Crocheted Throw

I love this throw I just completed.  I have been working on it for about five weeks.  Every time I sit down to watch TV I would pick it up and work on it.  It keeps my hands busy so that I wouldn't be stuffing my face.  I love the colors!  They are colors I want to paint my sun room in.   I love the easiness of the stitches it is only made up of triple crochets and singles.  I love the texture that it shows.  So much fun I just had to share.  If you want to learn I'm up for teaching give me call!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lunch with a Friend

Why do I take so long to invite a friend to lunch?  I'm just so glad that I went with Kelly today.  It was so nice to chat about kids and home and life.  I remember having lunch with my good friend Shannan way back and solving the worlds problems over lunch.  Now I can't say we solve problems but it feels so good to listen and be heard.  I sometimes I detach myself from others as a way to keep safe, from what I don't know but I don't like feeling vulnerable, but with Kelly I can open up and say what ever is on my mind.  I hold so much inside and forget how nice it feels to share and learn and help.  I think that I could value having girl time with other ladies too.  It probably would be good for my emotional well being if I had a better network of friends that I could help and they could help me.  As an introvert I find these words somewhat hard to believe but I realize that I need to share with others and I have something to give.  I am grateful for this light.  Anyone up for lunch? crocheting? Hiking? Exercising? Anything?

Friday, September 14, 2012

I will not Give UP

I need to just write.  I have been a little crazy and haven't been writing much but I want to get back.  I love blogging and I love that Our parents, children, relatives and, friends can see our lives at it unfolds.  I think it is therapeutic for me to write about it and to share, mostly because I am an introvert and hold on to everything.  Writing gives me time to think and ponder how I feel and what I want to share.  I am deeply blessed so I like to share whats right in my life.  What works and what we do that's fun and mostly about family.  
   This past week has been somewhat overwhelming and I won't go into details, but to say that I am grateful for the peace that the Lord has sent me.   The directions and answers He has given me have been so powerful.   The answer and the reason He guided us to do what we did we do not know.  Some times the answer to why?  Is not important but that only we put our faith and trust in Him.  I know that He loves us and trusts us and that is what I needed to understand and know.  For He knows the end and loves each of us and teaches us and tries us and helps us to make us more like the Savior.  I felt His love and His peace and his guidance and for this I am grateful.  
   I haven't reported much about my weight watcher progress.  I must admit summer time is a really difficult time for me.  I think because of the lack of a schedule and that life is a little crazy but I am happy that I didn't give up.  I was very faithful at exercise I went to the freedom center and took a water fit class most days at 8:30.  I had a hard time keeping track of the food I ate so pretty much I just maintained my previous weight loss.   This week I was really good exercised and ate correctly so I stepped on the scale and here are my results.
Loss for the week 5.2 lbs
Loss since January 47.2 lbs
Goal for the month of September have a total loss of 50 lbs.  :)