Monday, May 7, 2007

More Beauty--Skyline Drive Front Royal to Thornton Gap

This weekend we went for a long drive along Skyline drive. It intersects with the Appalachian trail which extends from Maine to Georgia. The road is on the top of the ridge of the mountain range and this National Park extends down into North Carolina and Kentuky. One day I'm sure we'll take it all the way south where we'll meet up with the Blue Ridge parkway. We bought a pass to last until May 08 and drove about 60 miles on it. It was just wonderful in spite of the rain. Its hard to imagine how different this place is from where we grew up.
On Saturday night and Sunday we attended stake conference at the Church and Richard G Scott of the Qurom of the 12 Apostles was our guest. It was pretty inspirational and there was a special meeting that the youth attended with him. Jessica and Emily really enjoyed it.