Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 176 Girls Camp

Emily and all her gear

Saying goodbye to Lydia
Emily is so excited that the day is finally here for her to go to camp.  She has worked so hard to get her assignments done.  She wrote two awesome scripture story summaries, purchased and made things for the group of girls that she will work with, prepared devotionals, and worked with leaders to prepare food.  She just is so happy about doing all the activities.  This is her last year of girls camp and she wants it to be the best! It will be hard to top all those years of camp but somehow you will have saved the best for last!  Have a great week

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 175 Super Heroes

Austin already for scout camp 

Willy is ready for high adventure

Heavy packs and many more miles to go
It's Sunday and I had the wonderful opportunity to teach all the youth classes in Sunday School the story of two great super heroes in the Book of Mormon, Alma and Amulek.  Their power being the power of the Priesthood. It saved their lives as the power shook the walls of the prison and killed everyone inside but them.  For the complete story see Alma Chapters 8-16.  I loved teaching the awesome youth of our ward the truth found in the Book of Mormon.

Willy and Austin are ready for camp.  The boys don't leave for camp until tomorrow but they spend the evening and night over at their leader's home because they leave at four in the morning.  I hope they have a wonderful time.  Austin is at a scout camp and Willy is at High Adventure.  The camps are near each other but are they are not together. So they can ride together and meet at the end for a few activities.  It's going to be a fun week for them!  Thanks to all the leaders that take the boys and girls during camp week!  Emily leaves tomorrow for girls camp!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 173-174 EEG

Children's National Hospital
Bill, Lydia, and I had to be at Children's National Hospital by 1:45 pm.  We started out at 10:00 am to make  it to our appointment.  Now we had plenty of time to get there.  We stopped and ate at Chipotle near the National Zoo.  We took our time knowing we weren't too far away.  However it is amazing that even following the GPS you can make a couple of wrong turns and you walk in the door of the hospital at 1:47.  Bill dropped Lydia and I off at the door and he finds parking.  After checking in to the Hospital we arrive on the 5th floor room 542 for Lydia's overnight EEG.  The EEG tech arrives and places wire leads all over her head, wraps her head in gauze and puts a crazy cute hat over her wires. Now she looks so much like a court jester.
We had so much fun playing games, coloring, and snacking
It was a slumber party with a cool hat and a tether cord.
The hats are made by volunteers and given to each child. It covers
 up the gauze that makes them look like they are hurt.

Bill returned home and Lydia and I spent the night.  I was there to watch and record any seizures if she were to have any.  The wires records brain waves.  I did not see any seizures but I did notice times when the recorder did, (I assume.) I will find out more next week when I hear from the doctor.  Lydia enjoyed Mac and Cheese, chicken nuggets apple juice and cookies for dinner.  She had pancakes, sausage, cereal and chocolate milk for breakfast.  Getting to the bathroom with a cord for a tether is a challenge but after about the 3rd time we worked out a system that worked pretty well.  Lydia fell asleep about 10:00 after a few tears about not having family prayer with everyone and missing her sisters and brothers.  I watched her as she slept for a few hours and then finally fell asleep after finishing the book Heaven is Here, and working on my Sunday School lesson.

Saturday morning consisted of  having the leads taken off her head, eating and showering fast so we could meet Bill at the loading area.  Lydia did great!   We left the hospital about 9:30am.  Bill had found a faster way to the hospital.  It only took us an hour to get back to the church where Bill had left Austin in charge of filling the baptismal font for a youth baptism.  Emily had found her own way to the stake center for a stake dance practice and Willy had chosen to sleep in and miss the practice.  We all spent the day tired.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 172 Service

It seems that the opportunities to serve are not convenient but you know that no matter how frazzled you feel you know in your heart that it is the right thing to do.  Today I received a phone call from a sister asking if I could take her to a doctors appointment in Fairfax.  I didn't hesitate to say yes even though I needed to get Emily to her activity and to get the house and things ready for Lydia's overnight stay at the Hospital on Friday.  I just knew that I needed to help her.  I dropped Emily off early at a friends to get some things ready for camp and arrived at her home at 11:00 am drove her to her appointment.  Which she was so grateful for.  I waited and waited and waited.  As I waited I enjoyed reading a great book "Heaven is Here"  so the time was quiet and uninterrupted, which I don't get much of.  I returned home after dropping her off and retrieving Emily at about 3:00.  Not much time to get other things done before dinner, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve.  She was in so much pain and I was glad that I could help relieve some of her suffering.    I only tell this to say even when life is hectic and your schedule is all messed up and all you want to do are all the tasks on the to do list, remember that when service opportunities arise take it it will bless the person's life and give you a new perspective on your own, and possibly some uninterrupted reading time. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 171 What?

I have stated before in this blog how much I disdain going to doctors and going to car repair shops.  Last night my check engine light came on in my new Camry.  So annoyed.  I guess I just hate having to change my schedule and spend time in a place that smells like oil and grease, but I just can't let it go.  I bought the warranty and I'm going to use it!  I called the car shop at 8:30 am and was able to immediately get in.  They put it on the scope and it had an error number that corresponded to the gas cap not being screwed on tightly.   By the way I have not put gas in it since the car dealer put gas in it so I learned how to put the gas cap on correctly and went on my way.  At least it was no big deal and the guys at the shop were fine to work with in fact he apologized that I had to take time out of my day for it.   

Emily, Willy and Austin go to camp on Monday so today was the day to make sure that they had everything they needed for camp.  We spent time shopping for shorts, rain gear and odds and ends to make their life at camp more bearable.  They are all excited about camp and all three are going to different camps at different places.  So next week Jessica Lydia will be the only kids at home.  Maybe life will slow down for a few days!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 170 Swim

Water Water Water!!!! Every kid I know loves going swimming during the summer time!  It's that feeling of cool wet all over that tingles from head to toe! Today Lydia begged to go and I said yes!  she was tickled pink!  We asked if anyone else wanted to go and no one wanted to because they had other plans.  I had already said yes, so we took off and went together.  I loved the one on one time.  She loved jumping to me off of the side of the pool in both the shallow pool and the deep pool.  Floating on her back, running in the whirlpool, and having the buckets drop water on her head were some of her favorite activities.  I loved seeing her eyes light up, feeling the splash of water from her jumps, and letting her tell me what she wanted to do next!  On our way home she asked "Can we go again tomorrow?"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 169 Father's Day!

I am so grateful for the wonderful men who have influenced my life.  I am grateful for my father, Bill's father and Bill the father of our children!  It was fun to get up this morning and have the children help me make Bill's favorite breakfast, eggs, hash browns, and pancakes!  Bill opened a few gifts and then off to church!  We had Malory over for lunch. She was great to talk to the girls about college majors and gave some career advice.  We enjoyed calling our fathers and talking to family!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 168 New Car

 After much consideration and deliberation we decided that with our two girls leaving to go to college we could leave the world of mini vans and purchase a mid size car.  Wow how our family is growing up!  We decided on a 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid!  We love the gas mileage it will get!  I love all the options it has like leather, GPS system, dual air control, blue tooth and so much more!  I totally love this car!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 167 MRI

Crazy Days may only need a brief explanation 
  1. The van is dead
  2. The van is sold
  3. Stop for potty break
  4. Stop at the Zoo see the zebras and the elephants
  5. Find Children's National Hospital 
  6. Wait
  7. Lydia put under
  8. MRI on Lydia's brain started and finished. Bill and I wait
  9. Lydia wakes up in recovery after 45 minutes
  10. Lydia eats a Popsicle
  11. Wait for the CD of her brain scan
  12. Drive in the crazy rush hour traffic in downtown DC on a Friday!
  13. Find parking in DC so we can eat at 6:30. 
  14. Eat at Subway!
  15. Finally make it home exhausted. 
Boy, the story is in the details,  but I'll leave the details to your imaginations, but please do exaggerate any part of the traffic and the pedestrians and then you will come close to what we experienced.  I must say Bill was so grateful not to have to drive in DC everyday for work.  Hats off to all those who do.   

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 166 Ready Set Go

There are two things that always work me up into a state of panic.  You may ask why but I'm not sure, maybe a childhood thing, or a very bad experience, or a unfounded fear, but today I had to face them both, taking kids to the doctors and taking the van to the shop. I know that my blood pressure soars and my head hurts and my stomach gets butterflies every time either place is mentioned with my name in the same sentence.  I know it's crazy, but for me it's the way it is.

I took both of the boys in for their physicals for scout camp!  No big deal for them!  They are both healthy big tall strong young men.  Austin is 5'5" tall and weighs 164 lbs.  Willy is 6' tall and weighs 188lbs.  They have a clean bill of health and are able to go to scout camp and High Adventure on the 25th of June!!!!  I put on a smile and overcame the feeling of passing out after I had to remember their correct birth dates, phone numbers and the insurance card.

The van is in the shop and we will know more in the morning before we go to Lydia's appointment.  By the way my anxiety is not gone yet!  Maybe it will be tomorrow!

Bill and I test drove a couple of used cars tonight and talked about a plan in case the van repairs are more than we want to pay!  Luckily the van has been paid off for a few months.  But tomorrow is already bringing me anxiety another doctors appointment, the car shop and DC traffic.  I can do it, I can do it, I can do it says the old lady with unfounded fear.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 165 Last Day Of School

Van problems again!   It may be the last day of school, but all I can think about is the broken down van that needs to go to the shop tomorrow.  Emily was driving the van when the gears wouldn't change into first instead it went into reverse.  She however handled it calmly trying to get it into first, while she had a green light and finally it went after the light was red.  She managed to get it home without causing an accident, but the van needs fixed.
Lydia with all her prizes from field day!
Isn't she styling?

For the last day of school Lydia had field day!  It was a perfect cool day to run and play!  She mentioned bouncers and Popsicles, and races.  She has had a wonderful teacher this year and has even had a "Boy friend"  these last couple of day of school! We sure have enjoyed teasing her about him.  

Austin received two  awards one for getting a 600 a perfect score
 on his Social Studies SOL and one for getting on the Honor Roll

Austin and Willy seem relieved to be moving on.  Willy will start high school and Austin will start middle school in the fall!  I love the end of the year when the backpacks are removed from the hall closet and put away in the bedrooms The shoes in the closet change to flip flops and sandals.  And the winter coats and Fall jackets are replaced with umbrellas and summer games!  Looking forward to a great summer!
Willy is just so glad this year of Middle School is OVER!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 164

Two more days of school for the kids!  It's all winding down.  The kids are anxious especially after last night's festivities of graduation.  This morning all the kids were tired and had a hard time getting out of bed.  But my anxiety is getting the best of me!  Friday it's a trip into DC to have an MRI on Lydia.  My bedroom that I haven't started painting is still in total disarray and summer vacation is here.  Will I ever get that done!  Summer Goal #1   Get master bedroom painted!
Summer Goal #2   Help the children learn skills that will teach them independence!
I am looking forward to having them home for the summer!  I love the freedom and the energy of summer!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 163 Graduation!

Emily received her diploma from the
principal.  You can see her wonderful smile and the excitement  she felt!    Emily graduated with honors with a 4.0 and higher.  Summa Cum Laude!  We are so proud of her and all the work she has done in High School!  The night was perfect.  She was 23rd in her class of 424 students.  By the way this is the largest class to have graduated from Osbourn High School.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 162 Seminary Graduation!

 Emily has loved her Seminary experience!  That is what she expressed in her talk in sacrament meeting today.  She expressed how in the Old Testament that when the people had the temple in the center of their city they were righteous and lived the commandments as they became prideful and wicked they moved the tabernacle or temple out of the center of the city.  Seminary has helped to put the gospel into her heart in her center and that is where she wants to keep it.  Her testimony was expressed so nicely with those words. She summed up what the Seminary program is all about , about conversion about engraving His image in ones countenance.  What a blessing to hear her feelings and testimony about the gospel.

I have to share a couple of things about Emily and Seminary.  For three years she was able to have her father as her teacher.  What a wonderful thing for her to listen to her father's testimony and for her father to listen and see the growth of his daughter.  This last year she had Brother Brayley who taught the Old Testament.  She loved how he taught about the children of Israel.  Each morning on her way out the door she called her two friends Ibriham and Jason to see if they were coming to Seminary.  If they were we would pick them up.  This past semester she was on her own, to get up and drive herself to seminary at 6:00 am.  In all four years of seminary Emily never missed a day.  She may of been late by a few minutes or so but she never missed a day.  Emily likes to do her homework late into the night, at times two am, but this has never been her excuse to miss Seminary in the morning.  I admire Emily's dedication her testimony and the joy she feels in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Her life reflects the motto she has chosen for herself,  "Do What Is Right No Matter What!"

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 161 Shoes

I'm hoping that my new running shoes will motivate me to run!   I am also hoping that Emily's and Jessica's new running shoes will motivate them to run with me!  Wow I am asking a lot of them because I am new to running! Emily has a running schedule to help take me from a beginner to a 5K runner hopefully by Fall so we can run in one before she goes off to college.   We went to the running store and each of us actually were measured and fitted for running shoes.  I haven't had that kind of service since Hudson Shoes in Burley when I was about 5.  They still actually have those foot measuring devices and they watch how you walk in your shoes. So after we purchased our shoes some of us tried them out at the battlefield.  We ran!  Can you believe it I even saw Bill Run!  We had family time walking and running in areas of the battlefield we had never been to. We looked at the confederate cemetery and an old house.  Later we checked for ticks and most of us found one.  This reminds me that we need to put bug spray in the car so that if on a whim we decide to go on a walk or hike we have the tick repellent!  Sure should have used it today!  We are learning that if we only have a few hours together on a Saturday we find something we can do together no matter how simple!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 160 Eating Out!

Jessica and Emily at Olive Garden 

Emily and me at the Olive Garden with Jessica
I am generally one that doesn't eat out very often, but this week I have eaten out three times.  On Monday I took Jessica and Emily out to lunch to celebrate graduation and have some mother daughter time.  We had so much fun talking about our waiter.  He was good and kept asking us if there was anything else he could do for us.  I wanted to say yes he could help my children obey a little better and Jessica thought he could come home and mow the lawn for us.  Emily said she thought he could just move to Baltimore today instead of waiting until next week.  But instead we kept having him get us more refills.  We giggled and laughed and talked about going away to college.  I'm going to miss them, but for now I just want them to get a job so they can go away to college in the Fall.  Loved the lunch time just the three of us!

My second opportunity to go to lunch happened the very next day Tuesday.  Kelly called and asked if I was interested in going to lunch, and who can ever turn down that invitation.  We enjoyed a fun lunch at Applebees with David and Kim.  David was so fun to watch he is so busy but oh so cute! We talked about life, kids, school, the end of the school year, plans for the summer and potty training.  It was so good to catch up and take time to chat!  I am not sure why we don't get together more often so I am so glad that she called.  I have got to make a point to call and invite.

My third outing was tonight with Bill.  It's kind of strange we ate at the BEST DELI in the University Mall.  We actually had just enough time to fit in a sandwich before we went to the movie, so we found the closest food place we could find to the movie theater and it really is named the Best Deli.  The sandwiches were good but I'm not sure I would have given them the title of the best sandwiches I have ever had.  I did have great company and we enjoyed going to the movie together at the cheap theater!  Good Times!

Well with all that eating out you would think I didn't do very well on my weigh in, but you'd be wrong.  I was picky about what I ate, so I still lost weight!  I lost 3.8 lbs.  Not bad for a fun week with food.  I just made good food and exercise choices and enjoyed great company!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 159 Baccalaureate

Graduation season is in full swing!  Today was the baccalaureate for Osbourne High School.  Emily looked so scholarly in her graduation gown.  The seniors were encouraged to to forth and do something that mattered that the next five years do count.  That it is not a time to play, party, or drink, but to make it the future they want.  One of the speakers said how that christian faiths lose 80% of the youth followers during the five years following high school, so they need to hang onto their faith.  I hope that the speakers touched some of the youth in this service, but I found it lacking in the spirit.   I am thankful for the religious studies that our children receive through seminary and institute and know that Emily will hang onto her faith.  I love her motto "Do what is right no matter what."
Emily and her friend Stephanie

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 158

Beauty is all around just look and you will find it 
It's in the sky, clouds and light.
It's in the birds that eat at the feeders and bathe in the bath
It's in the breeze that cools the air.
It's in the green green grass.
It's in the many blooms in the garden.
Beauty is in the children's eyes as they discover the sky and the birds,
As they feel the breeze,
 And they feel the green grass between their little toes.
It's in the discovery of new blooms,
And as they share their joy in exclamation!
Lauril Ward

Just feeling poetic today!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 157 Scouts

Today the boys had a court of honor.  Willy received his life rank advancement and Austin received his first class rank.  It was great to see Austin conduct the court of Honor.  The boys also received some merit badges they had finished.  They are both moving up in the scouting world.  Willy has been challenged by Sister Beatty to get his Eagle by the next court of honor which will be in November.  Willy has two more required merit badges and his Eagle project.  This way Joe Beatty and Willy can receive their Eagles at the same time!  Let's go go go get the Eagle!

Emily dressed up like a pirate to teach first aid skills for camp prep .
Argh .  There goes another arm matey!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 156

Lydia and Clair had a wonderful time having swim lessons together.  Today was their last session of lessons.  They both received a pass for Level One.  It was fun to see how much they progressed.  They can float across the pool on their tummies and on their backs.  They jumped off the side of the pool.  And they could retrieve item off of the bottom of the pool.  I was so impressed with their teacher.  She was so expressive with the kids.  She was so calm even when she was trying to get them to listen.  I'm so proud of them and so happy that they were able to take the class together.  It gave me time to watch Lydia and talk with my good friend Kelly.  I think we will be signing them up for another session of lessons near the end of summer.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 155

We had such a wonderful time at the senior open house for the six seniors in our Ward.  We had the open house at the Harris home.  They have such a wonderful home with a great back yard many of the children congregated in the backyard to play a game of rugby and to swing on the twelve foot swing. Willy and Austin had a fun time playing rugby, Lydia loved the trampoline, Jessica loved hanging out and talking, and Emily loved goofing around and chatting with all the well wishers.  It's great to see all the ward members that support our youth as they go out into the world.  I am still in denial that I'm old enough to have two wonderful girls going to college in the Fall.  College will be a great adventure for Emily!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 154

The hydrangea bush bloomed this year!

This beautiful lily bloom is as big as the palm of my hand 

This group of Asian Lilies are four feet tall and the most
beautiful pink
Today was the most perfect June day.  the temperatures were in the low 70's with a wonderful breeze.  We had a lot of things we wanted to get done in the house but we couldn't stay in.  It was just so wonderful that we spent the day in the yard.  We added mulch along the front walk,  added new flowers in the beds, cleaned out the rain gutter, trimmed bushes,  dug up an area for new bushes, cut out some old bushes, and weeded some other areas.  After we were done Bill and I looked over our worked and declared it beautiful!   We also decided that we don't need any more new flowers in our front beds but possible could make some new flower bed along the sides and back of the house next Spring.  Now it's just the joy of keeping it up!  This Spring has just been so ideal for flowers.
 I over heard Willy asking Bill, "Why do you keep buying flowers to put around the house?"  Without hesitation Bill said.  "It makes your mom smile and happy.  I love her and like to see her happy."  
Beautiful Day!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 153

It's been six months since I began my weight loss journey.  Hear are the top 6 things I have learned and am trying to consistently do so that they become a habit.
1.  Try new foods Fruits Vegetables and Whole Grains.  This keeps me out of the boring food cycle.
2.   Fill half of my plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with protein, and a quarter with a whole grain.  This helps keep everything in balance
3.Use smaller plates.  This tricks the mind that the servings are larger, but they are actually an appropriate size.
4. Have a treat sometimes. It helps me feel like I'm not on a diet but rather changing my life habits.
5. Give myself a break if I have something that may not have been the best choice I know that it won't make or break me.  That I can move on and make better choices later in the day.
6.  Keep active.  I found that I love a water fitness class.  I also love the me time I have away from the house and the kids.  I always work hard in class because it is for me and I love the feeling of giving my best to me.

I am about half way to goal so I have more to do.  I think of the 40 lbs I have lost and I know that I can continue on.  So here it is a commitment to working hard and learning more and making better food choices!

I have been able to keep one other commitment that I started six months ago that of writing this blog every day.  It may not have been written exactly on the day but this is the first year in my married life where I have written a journal about our happenings.  I give myself a huge pat on the back for sharing our life with you!