Sunday, October 5, 2008

Willy Birthday 2008

Willy Turned 11 this week. He's very happy to go from cubbies to boy scouts. He got a bicycle to get him back and forth to school.

Here are a couple more shots from Oatlands

These are other images from Oatlands. The weather was perfect.

Oatland's invitational Race

Emily is running cross country this year and doing quite well. Yesterday she had her personal best. She ran 3.1 miles in 24 min and 40 seconds. Her personal goal for the end of the running season was to be under 25 min. She has had a wonderful time and likes to show off her "gun show" by flexing her biceps and her calf muscles.
We've only been able to attend one of her races but expect to go next weekend to her race at Albermarle invitational. The last two invitational meets she has run Varsity. She is a freshman so she has quite a bit time to continue to improve. She has made a lot of social growth as well.

While she was warming up for the race, we went on an outside tour of the Qatland's plantation. It is so beautify that they often hold weddings there. It was one of the plantations owned by the Carter King family. They were the wealthiest family in all of Virginia and owned most of the northern region. Many of the sites we visit have some connection to the Kings.