Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Goal #1

No Training Wheels!  She loves going fast!

Competition from a little sister gives Austin incentive to ride his bike too!!
 On the first day of summer vacation, I told Austin and Lydia they would learn to ride their bikes this summer.  Austin said "Oh come on Mom I don't need to learn to ride a bike."  Lydia wasn't very happy about it either.  Each day for an half of an hour they had to get on their bikes and balance going down the driveway.  On the second week of doing this our neighbor Sonja saw Lydia trying and she showed her what to do next by that afternoon she was riding her bike on her own.  
    Not to be out done, Austin looked at me and said "I can do it too."  and he did.  I think he just had to have a reason to do it.  Once he realized and told himself he could ride the bike he just did it.  He rides pretty good but he needs to practice it to be able to ride it long distances.  However I can see it's not yet the mode of transportation that is his favorite.
     Lydia has practiced quite a bit.  She rides around our circle and around the next.  She even rides her bike to the park with Emily.   It brings her a lot of joy to ride!
   Today Lydia took a bike ride with her dad and left her bike at the bike shop to get a few minor adjustments made to her brakes, seat, and handlebars.  She is so excited to have her bike just right.
   I'm so happy that they have learned to do something they didn't think they could do.  They have both said on different occasions that it was so hard but now I can do it and it's fun.  Loving it!

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