Saturday, August 10, 2013

23rd Anniversary get away

Hotel Roanoak
Getting away from home without the kids has not been something Bill and I have done much in our married life.  We are home bodies.  But it seems we have started a new tradition.  Three years ago Bill and I took a little anniversary weekend to Amish country, then last year we went to Natural Bridge.  This year we decided to go to Roanoak.   For some reason I am a small town kind of kid.  I'm not much for big cities or the bar scenes that take over the night life.  These kind of backwoods kind of places calm my nerves help me let down my hair and enjoy the man of my dreams.  So you can imagine that as we entered Roanoak at dusk that it was a little larger city then I had imagined.  I was thinking quaint country atmosphere.  So I was surprised to see a large city skyline.  However, my feelings changed as we came to our wonderful historic hotel.  It came from a scene from the alps. It was beautiful.  I loved reading about the history of the rail town and the history of the hotel itself.
   We actually had to cross the rail road tracks by going across this glass enclosed walkway.  As you crossed the walkway you could read all about the railroad town.
The walk way is behind the red car.
It was fun to people watch as we walked down town at night.  They had a movie playing on the green and families were gathered with blankets and chairs,  people we wondering about, and we enjoyed looking at all the shop windows smelling the smell of fried chicken, drinks and feeling the humid hot Virginia air.  Mostly we just loved holding hands, talking, and wandering at our own pace.
We couldn't pass up taking a
picture of Bill by Billy's
Waffles and Chicken, to me these two things don't really go together. but in the south they do.  Why?  I guess to confuse those of us who can't choose between breakfast and lunch.  They actually serve them together all day long at Thelma's Waffles and Chicken.  It was fun trying it out, but I still don't understand why you put them together.  Bill enjoyed one of his favorite breakfasts of omelets and hash browns while I took a stab at the house special of yes chicken and waffles.   
   The stands at the edge of the sidewalks were filled with produce, crafts and jewelry.  An outdoor market on Saturday morning.  The smell of fresh ripe peaches, and the sound of hagglers and sellers hung in the heavy humid air of the farmers market.  We enjoyed watching the crowd as we slithered our way through the maze of people, stopping at various little shops along the way.  

   Jelly Fish, Seahorses, and colorful ocean fish were found in a place called center on the square.  This place was so cool.  The size of the tanks were so huge.  We enjoyed watching them for some time.  This is a video of the Jelly Fish.

 A giant star guided the wise men but in Roanoak a giant star guides tourists to an awesome view of the city.  The view is spectacular from the lighted star,  you can see the downtown sector of the city and then the burbs.  Beyond the city you see the rolling blue ridge mountains.  Mountains that never seem to end peak after peak with valleys in between.  As the expanse of the view becomes less clear you see the greens become darker and darker.  The foliage continues as if  a sea of green surrounds this valley city.    

The front lobby of the hotel Roanoak
I loved being with my best friend.  I look back to when we got married and I remember thinking I love Bill so much.  There is no way I can love him more then this, but I was wrong I love him more today then I did then.  I think it's because of all the experiences you have along the way, the tears you've shed together, the work, the trials, the kids, the disappointments, and mostly the joy, the happy times, and the laughter that makes the heart grow fonder and fuses you together.   It's just so nice to hold hands walk down an unknown street and talk and talk and talk.  For us it's never about the where or what, it's always been about being together.   Thanks Bill for the most wonderful 23 years a girl could have ever asked for.

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Jenn said...

So fun!!! Congrats on 23 years, you two are SUCH an awesome couple and your love for each other radiates in all you do. :)